Rockabilly Chef

Since high school, I’ve always had a passion for the culinary arts. I mean hey, who doesn’t love food? If only I took up the offer to be recommended, from my teacher, right? Jeeze.

Whenever a good cooking show comes on, I have to take a look. Whether it’s good eats with Alton Brown, Unwrapped with Marc Summers, or Top Chef with Padma and Gail. WHO WOULDN’T!? They’re hot! Plus, the food ain’t so bad to look at either.

The latest season of Top Chef Just Deserts, has a new host in town. Fortunately for you ladies, it’s a male judge. So you ladies got yourself some “eye candy.” Ahyuk-hyuk. Anyways.

This chef is a little different than the rest. What is it?


A few foodie blogs mock him as trying to dress up as a 50s rocker and saying the 50s ain’t in. Well, that’s why they’re foodie blogs, and not anything more.

This cat his been around for a while, but pretty much under the radar as far as rockabilly scene goes. In NY, he is labeled as one of, if not, the best pastry chefs around. I mean, he IS in the top 10 pastry chefs in America. Being identified by as one of the 10 most influential chefs in America, back in 2007, this guy is definitely up there in the culinary world. So I’m sure his pastries will win any ladies over.

Paula and Johnny

He clearly has won Paula Deen over! Too bad his hair isn’t styled the way it usually is, since he’s wearing a perfecto!

Here he is with his famous pompadour and chops. I’m definitely a fan of his pomp. It flows effortlessly, ala Johnny Depp’s Cry Baby Walker. And nothing says you’re a badass chef, than a black chefs uniform!

Check out his website for pictures of his desserts, motorcycle, and purchase his dessert book, Dessert Fourplay.

So if you’re in NY, you can find him at Jean Georges restaurant. Since he is the executive chef. But I believe he also bar tends over at a speakeasy. I could tell you the name, but it would ruin the purpose of being a speakeasy! 😉

Hey Johnny, prepare to have your pictures flooded all over tumblr by rockabilly chicks. You seen it here first ladies! Don’t act as if you knew! They have no idea, but now they’ll swoon all night over ya!

Tumblr doesn’t give thanks.


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