Top 3 What The Fucks.

This blog brings in people from all over. I spread word about my blog through various forums and my other personal blog.

But some people have stumbled upon this blog from random google searches. But the funny thing is, they weren’t looking for anything rockabilly, pomade, or pompadour related… So let’s see what we’ve got here!

3)pair of boxing gloves
– Now, while this isn’t weird or anything… I thought it was kind of funny, since I never posted anything about boxing. Aside from mentioning the posters up at All Star Barbershop. But Boxing is one of my favorite sports. But really, a pair of boxing gloves?

2)girl deep throating
– I’ve gotten this search probably three times. Consecutive days. How are you still coming back to this site, Jack??? I thought it was hilarious, but seriously. What post did you read???

And the most, random, and probably most disturbing searches I’ve gotten for this blog, is……………………

1)sexy asian woman tuna fish
– Now… I’m not judging you… But seriously… What the fuck??? I understand all of the fucked up fetishes out there… But… REALLY??? Sexy Asian Women Tuna Fish Thursdays??? No.

Well, there you have it. Some of the most What The Fuck searches I’ve seen for this blog. Hopefully these aren’t some of you readers, who want to see if I get freaky with Asian Women Fish.

Sexy Asian Women Tuna Fish


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