The One Man Wolfpack.

No, we’re not talking about Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, here. But a real one man wolf pack.

None other than the one and only Wolfman Jack. He was one of the major disc jockeys of the 60s, following the footsteps of Alan Freed, aka Moon Dog. Teens would wait up just to catch his show on the radio. With one of the strongest stations out there, you could catch it all the way across the U.S. And my ladys dad could attest to that! As he used to do just that, and loved to listen to Wolfman Jack at night.

His radio station brought people together. Would you rather listen to radio commericals while cruising around with your friends or lady? His hip lingo, catchy phrases, and of course that crazy voice of his made him the individual you’d want to follow. I’m not a fan of his crazy get ups or hairdo’s he had going on, but this guy was as cool as they come.

George Lucas was one of his many teen followers. So when he found out he had an acquiantance of Wolfman Jack, he needed to have him play as himself for his movie, American Graffiti. Ain’t no better luck than that.

In American Graffiti, he was the idol for all the teens cruising about. They heard stories and rumors about the mystery behind Wolfman Jack, but never the truth. Rumors of him playing all the way from Mexico, a blimp that kept circulating above the clouds spread amongst the characters. The only one who wanted to find out the truth for himself, was Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson. Who’s better to turn to, to answer all of lifes question, than Wolfman Jack? I mean, they all looked up to him as a role model.

The Man of Mystery.

 Even when he sees him for the first time, he is a man of mystery. Nothing but a silouhette of the legend.

"The Wolfman is everywhere."

And with the strongest signals out there, he definitely was.

This is the perfect Wolfman Jack. His goatee is impeccable. Full and perfectly lined and trimmed. And his slick hairstyle is one of the coolest I’ve seen. He should’ve stayed with this look, than putting on wigs and making his hair all crazy!

One of my favorite parodies of Wolfman Jack, should be on everyones list…

Is none other than Jackman Wolf!!!

Any resemblance to Wolfman?

With nearly the same crazy voice, Jackman Wolf hosted the “The Sesame Street Rock & Roll Request Show,” on Sesame Street. You can find it on the Rock & Roll special, which is one of my kids favorites to watch. Probably more so my favorite, than hers. Next to Big Bird in Japan. What, I grew up on this shit!

He also lent his voice for one of my favorite groups, Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids, Did You Boogie With Your Baby.

Too bad there aren’t any radio shows like these anymore. Or else I’d actually be able to listen to the radio!


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