Combing Through Pomade

Everyone who uses a thick pomade like Murray’s always think that they’re hair is falling out, as they comb their has as they’re styling it. Well, it’s not just falling out (since on average, we lose 100+ hairs a day! You just notice is since it’s in your combs. Check your brushes every once in a while. 😉 ) It’s actually being ripped out. And there are a few ways to get around this.

For me, I personally like to coat my hair evenly with pomade. I don’t have my hair slicked back before putting in any pomade. Why? You only coat the top part then! You need your hair to be fully coated, to have even hold. It helps, you’ll have a lot less splitting in your pomps. And if you’re hairs are going in every other direction, it feels like you’re ripping off your scalp when you’re combing, right?! People usually think this when using Murray’s or any other thick pomade.

Here’s a trick.


Not just the opposite side of the fine toothed side, but a different comb. There are tons of combs out there that have wide teeth. What are they for? Well, for me, they’re for slicking my hair back, without ripping through tons of hair, while I’m getting ready to style my hair!

Here are two combs I use, to slick my hair back first, before using any comb to style.

With the teeth being a lot wider than the usual combs, not only does it not rip out as many hairs as a regular toothed comb would, but it also doesn’t comb out as much pomade! LEAVING MORE POMADE IN YOUR HAIR! Ain’t that somethin!

Oh yea, with it being wider toothed, and longer, it will also grab some hairs that are further back. Giving you a fuller looking pomp. And everyone loves a full pompadour, right?

Well, there you have it. One of my personal tips, for combing through your pomades. Don’t be discouraged when you see hair in your combs! Especially when you use Murray’s Superior! Try using a wide toothed comb first, then style with something finer, and you should like the results.


2 responses to “Combing Through Pomade

  1. Jack Okerman

    I’ve been looking for some good combs. What brand(s) are these and where do you get them?

    • The gray one is from a salon. Salon’s have a variety of combs and have a ton. If you know someone who works at one or has a good relationship with their hairstylist, you should be able to get a couple.

      The black one, is by Con-Air. One of the only combs from Con-Air that I would suggest, aside from the tailcomb (fine tooth with a long pointy handle.) Other combs by Con-Air are very brittle and the teeth bend/break very easily.

      Personal favorites I’ve found have been from local Mexican markets. They have long teeth, making it easy to style with and they’re cheap.

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