Recap: Zombie Prom 10/29/2010

I’ve never been one to dress up for Halloween. Last year was the first time I dressed up in about… 10 or so years. And this year, was no dfferent! Sorry, I’m not into dressing up in a zombie Harold and Kumar or anything of the like. My lady and my friend didn’t dress up either, so it was ok. But as soon as we walked up to the venue, we knew something was out of place…

And that was us. There was absolutely, no other person who wasn’t dressed up. We were the only 3 in our regular clothes, without any zombie make up, prosthetic scars or anything. There was this guy, who clearly owned and regularly wore the tie-dye shirt he was wearing. But he had zombie make up on, so technically, he was also dressed up!
The night started off slow, but quickly picked up, and the dance floor was packed with zombies swingin’ and jive’n about. Surprisingly, no one was doubled up in costumes. Except for this chick dressed up as Snow White and this dude dressed up as Snow White as well. But which one had the “sexy” Snow White costume? Luckily, it was the girl.

I didn’t take too many pics, as I was more concerned watching people swing, than creepin around with my camera in hand. Pretty much, my pics were from my seat.

A few people on the dancefloor, as the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers were doing a soundcheck. Check out the zombie Silk Spectre to the right.

The zombies were out to dance!

Here’s “Johnny!” He was definitely, “The Wild One,” out… What? I mean, he was seriously, standing alone for the majority of the night. SOCIALIZE! Plus, his “costume” wasn’t correct. It wasn’t a perfecto jacket! His cuffed 501s were only about an inch, and sat on the top of the instep, rather than midway up the boot. So yeah, the effort was there, but if anyone who has seen The Wild One, knows that the clothes are worng! But good effort!

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers put nice twists into their songs. Which was pretty awesome. The put on a great performance, and it was awesome to hear their Halloween themed songs.

Needless to say… This was one of the more wild outfits out there! But he was a dancing machine, and danced with anyone and everyone!

He sure had a way with the ladies.

Shitty picture, but this is the one and only Stompy Jones! It was great to finally catch them live. They definitely put on a great performance. My lady definitely wants to check out their other gigs around the city. So hopefully I’ll have a better picture of them, in the future!

Overall, it was a great 2nd annual Zombie Prom. It was a ball to see everyone dressed up and dancing the night away. I’m sure the 3rd annual Zombie Prom will be even better. I was kind of surprised that there weren’t many pompadours out there! I think there were 4 total.
We will be for sure in attendance next year, and maybe I’ll actually dress up for once. We’ll have to wait and see.


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