Can’t have a burger without some stories…

What better burger to hit the spot, than a Three by Three at good ol’ In N Out Burger!
After making my order and finding a seat, a worker at In N Out walked up to me and told me he was really diggin my hair, and he rocks it the same too. Most people would find it awkward, but it’s flattering. His hair wasn’t greased up or anything. You can fit a pomp under that hat dude!


And there is no better place to people watch, than In N Out. You get some of the goofiest, awkward, and ridiculous people ever… Have you seen a guy drop a sweater, some guy help him pick it up, just to have it drop AGAIN? Or a dad completely ignore is annoying kid, wearing a one piece pajama? Or what about 4 Asian dudes taking up an entire booth, to wait for their one friend to get his food, TO GO???

Yeah… Gotta love it…


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