Pomade Review: Cool Grease

* For whatever reason, when I originally made this post on 10/20/2010, it didn’t publish. Well, 5 days later… Here’s my review for Cool Grease Pomade.


Yesterday my lady looked up at me as we were on a walk and said “Your hair looks… Dry.” Yeah… I knew that, as I was using Layrite, since it’s my transition pomade, since it washes out. I looked at her and told her that I hope this new pomade isn’t the same, since it is also water based…

Well? Let’s check it out…

The packaging is a cool color coded plastic. The 30z little tubs, are little. It’s the same size as High Life, except they pack this stuff to the top. So as you open it up, you can’t smell it’s sweet scent until you take off the protective plastic cover, after screwing off the lid.
There are different colors from this brand, each one having it’s own characteristic and consistency and feel. Pretty cool, I must say. There is a black, white, blue, and green. I’m pretty sure there’s a green one, I can’t remember! Well, I chose the red one, after it being recommended by Anthony C. from Johnny D’s Barbershop.

Cool Grease

As soon as you take off the plastic cover, you get a whiff of that sweet fruity smell. Not too fruity, but just enough. Which is nice and different from the other water based pomades, which are usually Vanilla or Coconut scented. And as all the other water based pomades are, it has a very gel like consistency.

Looks like Jell-O, huh!?

Well, kind of.

Spreading it in my palms was easy and smooth. Unlike Layrite, which has a stickier feeling. Which isn’t a bad thing, but does this say something about it’s hold?

Slicking it through is simple. It coats evenly, as it has a light consistency. Maybe a little too light for my hair.

As it dries, it is a lot softer than Layrite or Grant’s. Good or bad, you decide. For my hair it’s a little too light. And since my hair is getting longer, it doesn’t have the hold my hair really needs. But for people with shorter or finer hair, this stuff would seem to really work out best.

All in all, this stuff is pretty cool. I do like the scent it has, but I need to probably go for either the white or black stuff, as they are the ones with stronger hold.

One way I see this stuff to be extremely useful, is to use it as a top coat ontop of Layrite. As Layrite doesn’t have the “Hy-Sheen” it’s label claims to have, this stuff would be a good top coat for it. As it too is water based, it wouldn’t break apart the Layrite, but work with it.
And using it that way, is a definite plus. At $20 for a 3oz tub, unless you have the means, you wouldn’t use this stuff generously as you would other pomades. But using it as a simple top coat with Layrite, it’s just the right amount. And matching the 7oz tub of Cool Grease with the 32oz tub of Layrite, is a match made in heaven.

Well, that’s all the different pomades I have for now. Maybe in a month or two I’ll be ordering a new batch of pomades to review… As there are a ton of different pomades out there.


One response to “Pomade Review: Cool Grease

  1. As far as water-based pomades go…..what would you recommend for a great shine as well as a really strong hold? When I’m at work I go for a more conservative, slicked and parted look, but during off hours, I put it up into a 4-inch pomp.

    Love your site, man. Keep it up!

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