Recap: A Ride out to Red’s Java House. 10/23/2010

Yesterday was the Red’s Original Car Show, hosted by the Last Originals.

The weather started to get gloomy as fuck. So we were kind of skeptical whether or not the show will go on. But there was only one way to find out. So we threw on our coats, and headed out to SF.

Now that my camera is alive again, I can take actual pictures of shit!
So how did the photo taking of the day start out? Taking a couple of candid shots of my friends, neighbors dog.

If you couldn’t tell by the picture, this little guy is blind. It shows how truly innocent dogs really are. Which made this dog seem a whole lot sweeter than any other dog. Maybe… Except for Corgis and Frenchies.

As we were nearing SF, I made a joke about there being only 4 cars at the show. And it took a while to find out, as they closed off the 6th Street exit, for whatever reason.
Finally landed on Embarcadero, and we were on our way to Red’s. And as we passed it, there were only 4 cars out front!!!

Red's Java House

3 of the 4 Cars out front.

Just kidding. There were more cars inside the lot. But it was still funny.

Gotta love the little details.

As the caption says. That was my favorite detail of this car. It gives the car it’s own character. A little detail many would’nt have noticed.

As we got inside, there was a rockabilly band playing as any band would play in this shitty weather. They were rockin out and definitely put on a show. Unfortunately, the name escapes me now. But when I remember, I’ll edit. But probably not, as it was killing me since yesterday!

After the rockabilly bands set ended, another band was up next. They decided they wanted to set up inside. That sucks, where am I gonna sit???

Last Originals setting up.

After they were fully set up, the band was ready to go. And in the small space they had, the speakers were right against my head. So before they could finish the 2nd song, we left. Sorry. I like to hear.

Show cars lined up for the rain.

I didn’t bother to get closer, because it was raining like hell and there were dudes sitting in that wagon.

Dirty Ass Seagull

This gray bird was buggin me… It’s one dirty ass lookin Seagull!

So where did we decide to go after Red’s? BENDERS OF COURSE!

And per usual, once the rain comes every drives like a fuckin dumbass. I don’t get it. HOW HARD IS IT TO DRIVE IN A STRAIGHT LINE, IN ONE LANE??? Impatient people just HAVE to be infront of one car, then the next, and then the next one and so forth, until they crash. Idiots.

Here’s some guy who managed to spin out, and only wreck his car. Good for you!


Caption says it all.
He was fine, he got out of the car through the passengers side and looked around like OMG WTF HAPPENED?! Well dummy, you probably tried to get infront of someone to exit Caesar Chavez. But guess what, you couldn’t drive behind someone for a few hundred feet more, so you spun out and crashed your shit.

Pliney The Fuckin Elder.

I know I said I had to say goodbye to this beer… But one couldn’t hurt, could it?
I managed to not focus on the glass. But hey, it’s not a bad view, right?

All in all, it was a fun day. Too bad I can’t remember the bands name. If anyone knows, please let me know!


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