Choosing a barbershop, is like choosing a tattoo artist. Yes, it’s a pretty drastic example since tattoos are “forever…” But you wouldn’t trust just anybody with your hair, as you wouldn’t trust anyone doing your tattoos, right? Exactly. Today, my buddy Bryan has found the shop he’s been looking for all this time.

He has been contemplating getting a haircut for a little while now. The only thing is, he didn’t know where to go. So as most would do, he went onto Yelp and looked for a barbershop that took walk ins. And there aren’t too many barbershops around here…

He stumbled upon All Star Barbershop, here in downtown San Mateo. I knew the location, but it was a new barbershop which took over the spot of a barbershop that has been there for around 20 or so years. So how was the transition?

Entering the shop, you automatically notice the sports memorabilia from various sports such as baseball, boxing, and football. There are a total of 3 chairs inside, and the first one of the shop was in use. After finishing up the first customer, my friend hopped into the chair and showed her a picture of what he wanted.

A little into the haircut, conversation ensued between the three of us and the character of the shop started to take shape. The barber, also the owner, Gloria was easy to talk to and pretty much felt as if you can talk about anything. Which is awesome, when trying to find a barbershop you can call your own. She was very welcoming and of course, as most barbers would, had a ton of stories to tell.

She definitely knows hair, and how to work with how your hair grows. And my friend happened to have strange hair that grew in every which direction, she was able to work with it and give him the cut he wanted. A simple taper at the sides and back, a little trim on the top, just enough to let it grow in the way he wants it to.

Taken at Target!

The cut was plain and simple, but she knew what he wanted and gave it to him. And that’s what we all want from a barbershop, right?

All Star Barbershop is what you want to find in a barbershop. People who are humble, skilled, and have plenty of stories to tell. The shop seems to still be under construction, as there is only one barber in the shop, Gloria. There are two stations up for rent, and she’s looking for male barbers. If anyone out there has experience and is within the area and wants a spot, come check out All Star Barbershop!
I know I’ll be dropping in every once in a while to talk with Gloria. And maybe in the future I’ll be getting a haircut from her. Who knows ;).

So if you’re in the area, come check her out.

322 East 3rd Ave.
San Mateo, CA.
(650) 579-2070


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