Band to check out…

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this band, but right when I did, I was hooked. A friend of mine tried to say that Murder City Devils is greasier than them, I don’t think so. Sorry Nick.

The Violent Shifters are some greasy mother fuckers. Everything is just greasy. The cars, the lifestyle, the music, the image, everything. Not too many bands are really this greasy, in my honest opinion anyways. Yeah, a lot of bands are into old cars, fast cars, but how many actually work hands on? Doesn’t seem like there are many out there.

The sound this band puts out there is loud, gritty, and straight up raw.

The Violent Shifters – Ponytail and Black Cadillac 

There isn’t too much out there from this band, aside from their Myspace page, which doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love. Which really shows the under appreciation for this band, from people outside of Minneapolis.

Here’s a little segment about the band, from their drummer Erik Johnson.

Oh, and you can’t forget. You can’t be a greasy band without some greasy hair! Here’s a little piece from their DVD, Lucky Bastards Car Club.

In all, this is a badass band. Hopefully they tour or at least have tour dates up on their page, and come back  into The Bay Area. I’m sure they’d put on an awesome show.


3 responses to “Band to check out…

  1. Justin Slingsby

    Thanks for the write up! We love what we do!

  2. Thanks for the review! The Violent Shifters hope to hit the road in the near future on the heels of our forthcoming record and music video stay tuned…
    Erik Johnson

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