Tuesday Tunes with a bit of detail.

You couldn’t have rockabilly without some old country. Although, I am not a fan of country, I do like this song… Unfortunately, I do not like the original, sorry Al Dexter. Nor do I like the covers by other country artist predeceasing him neither.

But I do love this doowop version, by The Hurricanes. It’s a whole lot more upbeat which makes it a real great tune. You can definitely see yourself dancing with someone to this song.

As it were, it is also played in Cry Baby, during a little dance number at Turkey Point. Which is also one of the best parts of the movie. I could watch this scene over and over again, and still find every little bits and pieces of it to be entertaining.

Although Cry Baby is sticking to the rockabilly/greaser theme…

Rockabilly legend Gene Vincent also covered this song. But his version still isn’t as satisfying as The Hurricanes version.

 As I’ve said before, everything rockabilly comes in full circle.


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