And so it begins…

I’ve never been one to “collect” CDs, even though I do have a bit. And whenever I do buy CDs, I try to buy them as cheap as possible and usually from Amoeba.
Even though I have rockabilly music on my iPhone, I figured I might as well start a CD collection of some sort. Because it’s always good to have a hard copy of everything, ya know?

Unfortunately, Amoeba doesn’t have everything. And I’m mainly into 50s-60s rockabilly than the newest stuff. Although, I am taking a liking to it all. But if I had to choose between late 80s-90s rockabilly and the newer bands of today, I’d have to say I prefer the 80s-90s. But then again, who doesn’t? Even though it just seems like yesterday, the 90s was really a relaxed decade. As far as I can remember, I was only a kid. BUT I STILL KNOW MY 90s!

Anyways. My lady happened to pull a quick one on me, and slipped her card to the guy behind the register before I can whip out my wallet.
Thanks Lady.

I’ll be hunting down some of the lesser popular artists of the 50s & 60s, and hopefully be able to start my collection from there.

Oh. Funny little tid bit. As the guy was ringing me up at Amoeba, he asked if I had heard of the Tip Top Trio. Why? Because one of the members used to work there. Pretty neat to know.


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