Growing up, I’ve always liked Rancid. And am probably one of the few who can actually sit and listen to one of their albums without questioning how “hardcore” or “punk” they are. Anyways… Clearly you can see some rockabilly influences in this band.

Rancid – Ruby Soho

Drummer Brett Reed has his Daddy-O shirt and a little pomp. I still won’t be convinced that creepers are a staple in a rockabilly wardrobe.

Brett Reed

And in a few of their videos, you can see big body American cars, 4 inch cuffed Levis, Raybans and Pompadours.

In the end, everything is in full circle, and Rancid is just one example of what was my influence growing up.

If you don’t like Rancid you can suck it! Bloodclot is my jam!


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