Tired of broken combs?

Hate breaking your combs in your back pockets? Annoyed with crooked teeth with your fine toothed comb? Love the feel of leather on your ass? Well look no further, Billykirk is the answer!

For whatever reason, someone has decided that the simple comb needed a leather sheath. Well, the comb is sort of a sword defending the castle, aka the pomp, from enemies such as rogue hairs and the infamous splitting of the front gates. And what better way to store your sword, than a leather sheath? A shirt pocket maybe…

Not sure what the price is on these, but if you have the means, then why not? Comes in Natural and Black. Or I might need to adjust the color on my laptop.

Leather Sheath for thy comb.

There you have it… Leather sheaths to protect your combs. Or you can buy Unbreakable combs, which are a lot nicer than ACE combs, IMO. As I find ACE combs to be a too hard of a plastic, and can easily break and bend in your back pockets. Maybe that’s why they need a leather sheath! Dun dun dunnnn…

Picture from Selectism.


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