Pomade Review: Black and White

One of the pomades I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, finally fell into my life last week. Finally I was able to stop being so anxious and put this pomade to the test.

Every time I go around to a grocery store or liquor store, I always check for pomade. This one has been on my check list for some time. Every time I see something in a white container, I get excited and get disappointed as soon as I see that it’s not Black and White. The packaging is plain and simple, as is the name… Black and White.

Black and White

Opening the twist off lid, you get a slight aroma of vanilla. This stuff smells pretty good, and that’s a plus.
Checking out it’s consistency, it looks to be very similar to Sweet Georgia Brown (purple can.) I had hoped that it isn’t, as I am not a fan at all of that stuff.

Looks similar, right? But how is it out of the container?

Looks similar enough to the purple can Sweet Georgia Brown, but not quite. It isn’t greasy or as light as it is. But I could tell already, that this stuff has a very light consistency, which may very well effect the hold.

Running it through my hair, is as easy as any other light pomade out there. You run it through, you run it out. Slicking back is easy enough with this stuff. It doesn’t have a sheen like Sweet Georgia Brown or Royal Crown. Some reviews I’ve seen I expected this to have a killer sheen like them. But, it doesn’t.

Trying to pomp with a lighter pomade, is kinda tough. Why? Since they don’t have a solid hold like a medium or heavy pomade, it’s harder to try and get a high pomp, and have it stay that way or press it down. It’s very light and kind of gives you more of a whispy pomp, than anything.

Maybe, a little too whispy, as it didn’t tame my hairs all too well. As you can see on the right side, a few hairs weren’t flowing with the rest.

All in all, this pomade was only whelming. It doesn’t have a solid hold as another lighter pomade does, such as Deluxe. But it would probably work best with Murray’s Superior, breaking it down and giving it a decent sheen. Not super like Sweet Georgia Brown, but not dull like Murray’s by itself. Just the right amount of sheen for winter, I’d say. It would also probably work better as a top coating, not a base coat.

Sorry if this review isn’t great, there really wasn’t much to say about this stuff. The good thing is, you get a good 7oz rather than the average 3-4oz per container.

Pomp hard.


22 responses to “Pomade Review: Black and White

  1. YO this pomade is best for messy bedhead style cuts. The guy from twilight uses this. Good for that style.

    • Twilight talk on TheRebelRouser blog? That’s new!

      Thanks for sharing the info though. I’m sure people look for other uses for pomade.


      I always find that using products/styling for a messy bedhead look is redundant. I mean, it’s supposed to be a natural look, right? So why style it?

      It’s like girls who have to style their hair to have that “I just had a good fuck,” looking hair. FUCK. Put the hairspray down and have a fuckin quickie. It probably takes longer spraying your hair, than to have a damn quickie.

      I’m not 100% sure on this topic, but I think it’s safe to say that having a quick fuck is better for the environment than hairspray is. Unless you intend to be on MTV’s Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant. Then please, close the door, the windows, grab as many cans of hairspray you can carry and spray it up.

  2. where did you get Black and White @ ive been looking for it for a long time but cant find it

  3. super nice. that pomp is quite nice on its own. i guess ill give a try on black and white soon

  4. If its any consolation..ALL the barber shops in the UK use Black and White and they swear by it, very easiy to find too which is a bonus. Mind you the Rockabilly Pomp is not the most popular style in the UK….

    • Fraser,

      You’re right. I’ve seen pics of several shops in the UK, that are stocked to the ceiling with Black & White. Of course, they’re not all Rockabilly specific shops.

      To think, cats here in the States pay $$$ to ship this stuff over! Ridiculously… Amazing.

      – Jan

  5. Was sup rebel rouser quick question, you think black & white will work with curly hair….?

    • To an extent. If you’re looking to straighten out your hair, then no. But if you’re looking to work with the curls, then it should have enough hold to “relax” the curls, slightly, yet give you enough control to tame them.

      – Jan

  6. I’ve used Black & White before and never really rated it. A few months back I bought a big 200ml jar partly to have for the collection but to my surprise I’ve taken to this white pluko quite well. The consistancy at first felt too light to give any hold but Black & White does hold very well, the smell is great to boot. A pomade I will use again.

  7. If you like to collect tins (which I’m sure you do ;)), check out B&W’s 2012 collectors tin. http://www.blackandwhitewax.com/ Just a heads up 🙂 Cheers!

  8. Hey Jan I was wondering if this was just Hair Dressing or is it actually pomade. Also if it washes out well.

  9. Hey guys. Checkout my friend Rob’s online store. He has Black & White and his own brand of pomade as well. Rob’s Chop Shop is world famous and I’m sharing the goods with you: http://robs-chop-shop.myshopify.com/

  10. Fraser’s right about Black & White being everywhere in the UK – all my local drug stores carry it. But I find it hard to get any decent pomp using it. I have fine hair and it’s hard to get the volume.
    By the way – the reviews are awesome!

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