New haircut

I got my haircut about a week or two back. There was a tuft of hair at the ducktail which swooped against the grain. The left and right would swoop towards the middle, as they should, but this tuft of hair stood up and back and out. Not even a couple dabs of Murray’s held it down! The only way to get rid of it… Was to get rid of the D.A. For the most part at least. Farewell my friend, hopefully you’ll grow in the way you should, this time around…

Went to my regular guy, asked for a slight taper. First time getting it done by him, but I was skeptical. Everything seems to work out well, so I no complaints there! I did however, ask him to keep the top long. Which he did, but as most stylist would, he trimmed it. Oh well, it’ll grow back. Here are some pics of my cut. I think this was the night of, or the night after.

All in all, I’m satisfied with the cut. I can pomp without having to do a part, which is nice for a change.

Styled with a bit of DAX and a mixture I’ve had pre-mixed. Been using this cocktail for the last few days.


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