WAYWT: 9/29/2010

It’s been too hot to wear any leather boots. Past few days I’ve been sticking with good ol’ Vans. Can’t go wrong with any two toned colored Vans. Even 3 toned.

Also, I’ll be getting another haircut tomorrow. So those locally can see how Leonard cuts hair. I’ll be getting a medium taper, not too high nor tight. And keeping the top as long as it is. Problem with my D.A. at the moment, is that I have a tuft of hair that will not stay down no matter what pomade I put on it. Hell, I slicked it down with Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) then patted down some Murray’s Superior on the tuft alone, and it’s still up and about. So, only way to get rid of that is to taper it away…

So check back tomorrow evening, to get a look at how he does a taper.

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