Pomade Review: High Life: Revisited

When I first got this stuff, I didn’t give it too much of a chance, since it was a wax. But I decided to give it one more chance…

Under the lid, it says “Get Greasy!” or some shit. This stuff is not greasy in any way (some like that.) But it also has no sheen at all. So this stuff won’t get me greasy man!

Applying this stuff through my palms, was a pain, and it did NOT spread in my hair evenly at all. It clumped up, and was a bitch. I tried to hot wet comb it, and it made it even worse. So I said fuck it, whipped out the blow dryer and melted this shit down. What else was I to do, I don’t want white crap in my hair!
Melted it down, let it settle down and cool down, and styled it up.
That’s the only way you’ll be able to use this stuff. No other way. And you have to apply it to dry hair, or else it will not come off your palms, AT ALL. Kind of a let down, as I prefer to apply pomades through damp hair.

Anyways. Playing around with styling it, and it does a pretty good job holding my hair in place and what not. But as a wax, I knew it would do what waxes do best. Attracted every little piece of lint and fiber floating around the air. So that was a pain in the ass. A nice full pomp, will easily be ruined with a few specks of lint. And that’s what this stuff does. Imagine going outside with it!

A day after and a morning shower, my hair was sort of flaky and gross looking. What did I have to use again? The blow dryer. Had to blow dry this stuff in, once again. And it wasn’t even an additional amount! It was the day before’s wax! Bummer.

I was thinking about the other High Life pomades were out there. They make something called Voodoo Brew. It’s a dark purple colored wax to prevent flaking. What people may or may not realize, it is to prevent the flaking from the product itself. Not to conceal and dandruff flakes. Not too sure how I’d feel to know that this pomade is made to conceal it’s true identity… Hmmmm…

All in all, it did pomp my hair real nicely. But factoring in the necessity of the blow dryer and the ridiculous flaking, this is probably 0ne of my least favorite pomade waxes out there. Not everyone has a blow dryer, and that’s the only way to get rid of these flakes. Would I, buy it again? Since my girlfriend owns a blow dryer… MAYBE… But since I don’t see myself using this often at all, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a decent amount to hold me off for a good year or three. Wax pomades, are just not my thing.

But here are a few pics of my hair to see how this stuff styles. It does a good job, but not buy a blow dryer just to use a wax pomade good of a job. I’d recommend this stuff for anyone who is a hair stylist, who is doing a shoot or something. Because; 1) They use blow dryers. 2) Too greasy looking of a pomade will mess with the shoot. 3) You can’t just use a gel for a a photo shoot, unless you want to be a herb. That’s all. Can’t really recommend this stuff for anyone really. Even blond folk will even have flakes! And if they use Voodoo Brew, they’d have black flakes! So there you have it. Probably one of the last postings about High Life.

So until then, enjoy or hate the pic.

Don’t mind the winking…


12 responses to “Pomade Review: High Life: Revisited

  1. Hey I know that you’ve still got some Rumble59 products to check out but you should give the Medium HighLife a go. I bought that one thinking it would be ‘medium’ but it’s as stiff as Murray’s! I hated it the first go round but I found that if I take a little bit at a go, rub it out, apply, repeat it works really well. The sheen is also similar to Murray’s but the fact that it smells so freakin’ awesome is a huge plus to me. Also it works and reworks REALLY well. The price is the only thing that gets me. That is the reason I’ve not given those Schmier products a go.

    • Thanks for the recommendation and tips Mike,

      My only dislike about High Life is that it was labeled as a pomade, when it’s very much so a wax. It may be different with the lighter weight stuff, but waxes just aren’t my thing. Especially since you can’t exactly wet comb with it, as they will flake on the spot.

      Maybe I’ll reconsider. I’ve never contacted them personally. Maybe they could change my mind. As long as they have some sort of customer service… *cough*

      – Jan

  2. I got the Voodoo Brew from thegreaseshop.com and i am really diggin it for the past month. It is alot lighter than murrays, but holds really well and smells amazing (spicy vanilla)! I hae been using it with a little Dax on the sides and a little Cock Grease No X on the top and it has been working great. I am still trying to find something that washes out easier though. Any Ideas?

    • Mike,

      Ya might need to look into different methods of washing out pomade/wax. Check out some tips I have around my blog, about washing out pomade, and the review for Groom & Clean. That should do the trick.

      – Jan

  3. I heard this product got discontinued ?

  4. Jan

    I found a good method for washing out. I now have been using Jeris Oil-less Hair Tonic right out of the shower, before i put on the pomades. Somehow that allows me not to have to use as much pomade if i apply some Jeris before i wash it the pomade comes out a little easier. Also, i made a mix combination shampoo of Dax Removing Shampoo, Axe Exfoliating shampoo, and Dawn dish soap. The combo works really well!

    • Mike,

      Good to know that the oil-less tonics work that way, as well. Tonics break up the pomade, very much so like oils do.

      Check out Grooming Clean by Suave, it comes in a box and looks like Aquafresh toothpaste. It’ll be next to the Brylcreem and whatnot at the grocery store. It works AMAZINGLY well, when it comes to washing out pomade. It’s a greaseless styling product that doesn’t harden, which really breaks up the pomade nicely. Check it out and let me know what you think.

      – Jan

  5. I’ve been using High Life Light and Voodoo Brew for a while now. I started off just with the light stuff to see how it would work through my hair. I’ve got somewhat thin/wavy hair and it’s been hell trying to find something that works. As for the light stuff, I absolutely love the smell. The Voodoo Brew has a great smell as well. I can definitely vouch for both of these being lint catchers.

    The two of them used separate from each other don’t work very well for my hair, but I’ve recently started using the light stuff as a top coat for the Voodoo Brew, because it adds a bit of sheen. Together, they hold fairly well compared to other pomades/waxes I have used. Still looking for that right pomade for my type of hair.

    Anyways, this was much longer than I intended. You’ve got a great blog here. I’m thinking about ordering some of the Rumble59 stuff. Do you have any kind of member/affiliate reward for sending customers there way? I’d love for them to know that your blog sent me in their direction!

    Keep up the good work man!

    • Jesse,

      Thanks for the insight on both High Life products. Adam recently put out a new product, which has gotten some good feedback. May be worth checking out, as I feel it may be what you’re looking for, considering you’ve combined both products.

      (Un)fortunately, I don’t get any incentive from any company, for any sales I send their way. Just let em know I sent ya and they’ll take care of you. That’s what really matters!

      Big thanks for the kind words and support, I appreciate it!

      – Jan

  6. For what it’s worth, I’d recommend using a little of the Heavy with the High Life Light as a top coat. That’s usually what I use (but I also have unbelievably thick, heavy, medium-length hair) and it usually works out pretty well. I also use the Heavy with their Addicted to Pomade brew as a top coat. AtP is probably the best smelling pomade I’ve ever used. With the Light or the AtP, it lessens the severity of the waxyness of the Heavy (or at least in my opinion it does), and gives it more sheen. Not a whole lot, but enough to make a pretty drastic difference to the Heavy on its own.

    If you haven’t checked out the Addicted to Pomade yet, I heavily recommend it.

  7. It’s gone now though 😛

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