This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. Everything and everyone has been influenced by one thing or another at some point of it’s evolution. Whether it is jeans, hair, music, architecture, whatever. It’s true origin goes further than most would assume.

My taste in music ranges from old 80’s-90’s hip hop and gangster rap, classical music of the 20’s-early 50’s, all forms of punk rock whether it’s “considered” pop or hardcore, glam-rock,  rhythm and blues, rockabilly, and the good ol’ Taylor Swift. Yeah, she’s great ain’t she? Even though a lot of the groups seem to be on the polar opposite sides of the spectrum, they all have found influences in the same music at some point or another when writing their songs. Elvis Presley taking a liking to southern R&B, Sid Vicious to Keith Richards covering Eddie Cochran, a handful of hip hop stars sampling The Clash, etc etc… Every song has been influenced by many other songs, and has been this way ever since.

As a kid, I’ve always wanted a cool pair of Nike shoes, and wanted to be a greaser. Kind of odd? A few years ago, I finally made it up to my childhood self, and started collecting Nikes. I had no idea about the “cool” factor of them, up until I discovered certain message boards dedicated to them. And not up this past year. after I had cut off my dreadlocks, have I finally been able to have greasy hair. Sounds bad. If anyone has seen what I thought greaser hair was, when I was a kid, it would be embarassing and I would have to close this blog down. Just kidding, for the most part. But really, NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. My hair sucked when I was a kid.

Even though it has taken quite a few years to finally style myself the way I wanted as I was a kid, my state of mind and interests have never changed. Only expanded. Not until late, have I tried to take notice in what specific things were bands or artists influenced by. One way was to obviously, listen to the music! But that was a given. Then I took notice in the hair and clothing. You’ll see the occassional punk band member with a pompadour and Nat Nast (esque) shirt. And their foot wear ranges from Nikes to Creepers. Opposite side of the spectrum?

Point being, unlike a lot of people on the internet, whos style has taken a 180, mine has always revolved around what I’ve liked as a child. But with the help of the internet, I have finally been able to refine it and express it. Hell, I was never one to care about the band members of X band or group, never knew all the titles of the songs and albums, even though I owned them, and really took notice in who was in what movie and so on. How many people actually admit to such things? Not too many, since they are scared it would ruin their reputation in the “scene.”

So I’ll be starting a new category in my posts. I’ll be trying to take clips and images of bands, movies, clothing and anything else that I had admired as a kid, which translates to the evolution of who I am today. Sounds boring, but oh well.


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