Pomade Review: Layrite Deluxe Pomade: Revisited

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started messing around with Layrite. And so far, it has lived up to it’s title. But there are some little details, no other review has noted. Nothing bad, but something that I feel should be pointed out, so those who decide to try this out, don’t get spooked.

I noted in my previous post, that this stuff hardens. But today, I happened to reveal a bit more about it. As most do, or should do, is wet comb your hair to style it. It just helps everything style the way you want it to. Well, by doing so with Layrite, the finished product is hard. And not like a slightly soft hard, but a hard hard. (Sorry, I just had to write it out like that, it sounded funny.) It actually hardens like a gel, after a good wet combing. Surprise! I didn’t expect that! The other day that I used it, I didn’t wet comb my hair, so today showed that side of this pomade.
I also noted that it doesn’t have much of a sheen. Well, if you slick during the day, you actually lose all, if any sheen that you had. Some people prefer no sheen, so this would actually benefit them. But it still retains the hold, but just a “soul less pompadour,” as I would see it. The sheen is the soul of your pompadour people!
Lastly, this stuff doesn’t tame your hair all that much. The wavy parts of my hair, stay wavy. So that is kind of a bummer. But it’s a personal problem rather than a general one. So only those with wavy hair would have that problem. You lucky straight haired assholes! Just kidding. But seriously though… Lucky.

The only draw back I really see with this type of pomade… Is that since it is washable, you pretty much have to press restart, everytime you want to slick. Meaning, you can go through a tub pretty quickly, as opposed to the pomades you leave in your hair. You could always have a base layer of a thicker pomade, and then use this stuff on the top. So you end up using less than you normally would have to.

But all in all, I’m still satisfied with Layrite. Donnie Hawley really knew what he was doing! I would highly recommend this pomade, and would definitely buy it again.

So this week, I’m cutting this pomade short. Since it is pretty straight forward and direct. I’ll be using Deluxe tomorrow, and should have a review by the end of the week.

So until then folks, get your hair pomp’d high because it’s OKTOBERFEST!

9 responses to “Pomade Review: Layrite Deluxe Pomade: Revisited

  1. I use a base coat of greasy or waxy pomade and then put Layrite on top. That combo make the Layrite not get fully hard and it allows you to wash it out easier!

  2. Man this is a seriously cool Blog. Im glad someones out there writing these review. Ive been using lay rite for some time now and the thicker of the two is definitely my fav and works better for me. the other is a little too gel like.

    But I do use a base coat for this stuff. Something with the consistency of SGB Blue so that i can have that hold of Layrite but still the combability of a traditional pomade.

    • Matthew,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad a lot more folks have been stumbling across it, and actually like it! I stumble on blogs, and tend to forget about em, as they don’t peak my interest like I wish they would. So I’m glad my blog has that sort of impact.

      Stick around, there’s a lot more coming soon!

      – Jan

  3. I have always been following your blog man! You always have the best information with pomades. I always want to wear a pomp but my barber kept on telling me that I have a thin hair and wouldn’t pull it off. Reading from your site, i decided to use Layrite Super Hold, and wow it held my hair up there! Do you have any other recommendation? Since Layrite is kind of the pricey side, i want to try other products that would hold my hair type. Thanks rebel rouser!

    • Luke,

      Glad you’ve been diggin’ the blog man! I appreciate it!

      I doubt your hair is “too thin” for a pompadour. He’s probably more “concerned” about the product you’d use, as not everyone has the hair for heavy-waxy products. But, that’s why there are several products out there!

      If you want to stay on the water-soluble side, check out either Lone Star Pomade or Grease Monkey by Monkey Brains.

      Lone Star is a tad more expensive than Layrite, but you get more product & excellent customer service.

      Grease Monkey is stupid cheap. Some places, it can be found for $1, others are usually buy one get one free. Average pricing is usually around $4, and for that price, you can’t beat it!

      Hope this helps man!

      – Jan

  4. i’ve been trying to wear my hair like this http://tinyurl.com/7udpej2 – see how its super flat to his head?

    i’ve used Murray’s and Layrite Super Hold which do a pretty good job of keeping everything slicked and flat which is pretty hard on my thick, coarse asian hair. seriously, i’m a hairstylist and have used everything under the sun at least in the salon type product realm. if i use anything else my hair will “pop up” and look more loose and tousled like this http://tinyurl.com/7g9o8om (sorry for all the Zach Quinto pics, ha)

    i like Murray’s bc of it’s incredible hold, but don’t like how hard it is to wash out. i like Layrite Super Hold for the same reason, but i can’t stand walking around smelling like a Strawberry Shortcake Doll. that vanilla scent is awful! … so could you give me a few options of stuff that’s a little easier to wash out, and smells pretty neutral? i don’t care whether it’s shiny or matte.

  5. Hey man, this blog’s been a huge help with finding new pomades! I just had a quick question about the Layrite Deluxe I was hoping you could help me out with before I take the dive and order me a tub. How’s the consistency of this stuff once its been in your hair awhile? Does it get your hair “crunchy” once it dries? The combo I use right now keeps my hair soft and smooth to the touch, with just a hint of that greasy goodness, but doesn’t quite give me the hold I’m looking for. I’m afraid more hold’ll with a stronger pomade will mean more crunch, so I’d like to get your thoughts on it before I pick some up.
    Thanks in advance!

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