Evolution of Denim: Levis 514s

Many people don’t take the time to notice the little details that happen to their jeans. The little accidents that happen during their days, which translate into some sort of wear on their jeans. Whether it’s a wallet fade, knee fades from kneeling down to tie your boots, or cleaning your blade off onto your jeans. There is something that has happened on a certain day, and your jeans are there to give you that little reminder.

For me, my jeans have been coated by tons and tons of pomade. To save time washing off all the excess pomade off, I just wipe it off onto my jeans. And my kid, for some reason, loves to play around in the dirt, then wipe it off onto my clothes… So my jeans have been coated by pomade, and dirt… Kind of gross, right? They haven’t had a soak, and I have a little occassion coming up this Saturday, so I figured it would be a good time to soak them and get some of that grime off. And since it is pomade,  I soaked them with a little bit of dish washing soap, to make sure there is hardly any grimey pomade and dirt combo on there. Here are some pre-soak pics.

Levis 514

You can sort of tell where the dirt lays. All of the creases have already set in nicely.

Levis 514 Lap Detail

You see that “wax coating?” That’s months and months of pomade and dirt and sweat. And fresh dirt on the top. I also usually wipe off any sauce that spilt onto my hands, onto the lap of the jeans… So thinking about it… When I wipe the sauce off, then grab the food again… Yuck.

Levis 514 Pocket Detail

The back pocket has taken shape of my wallet. And is also coated in dirt and pomade…

Now they’re hanging up drying. Hopefully they dry soon, because even though these aren’t any special selvedge denim or anything, they’re still one of my favorite pairs to wear.


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