The Lords

There are many greaser movies out there. And all of them are classics. But there is one movie that I’m pretty sure many have forgotten/never heard of. Before Arthur Fonzarelli became “The Fonz” and before Rocky Balboa put on a pair of boxing gloves, there was The Lords of Flatbush.

The Lord's of Flatbush

Like most, if not all greaser movies, the movie was pretty much based around girls, cars, getting in trouble, and fighting against growing up. But this movie moves in a different pace than other movies. It moves in a very personal pace, making each actor really give their personal feel for each character. Kind of which why Sylvester Stallone is my favorite character in this movie.

Cat Callin'.

Even though this role helped Winkler get picked up for the role of “The Fonz,” he is decent in this movie. Although his parts really only consist of smart mouthing a teacher, a quick cat calling, some more smart mouthing at a diner, he’s a better greaser in this movie than the fonz will ever be. Sorry Fonz fans, I’m just not a fan!

Of course, Rocky and Rambo were badass characters on their own. But to see him play a greaser was badass. Not to mention, he was the backbone of the group.

He isn't Rocky II big, but he's still one big mother fucker...

Look at the size of those knuckles… I thought mine were big, but even his ring and pinky finger have massive knuckles! How’d you like to be hit barefisted by those banana hands?

The Lord's in action.

The Lord’s in full force. Butchey Weinstein, Chico Tyrell, Stanley Rosiello, and Wimpy Murgalo. And Stallone looking a guy straight in the eyes, as they strut down the football field to pick a fight with someone. His intimidation factor, was major in this movie. The scene was on a Sunday, so that’s why he’s seen in his Sundays-best, and not a perfecto jacket.

This movie isn’t anything like Grease or Cry Baby, hell… It’s not even like The Outsiders, but this movie is just as enjoyable as any of em. Like I’ve said, it has a more personal feel to each character, and you quickly figure out which one is your favorite, and who plays what role in the gang. I’d say it’s worth owning, but some people would like to argue that. But if you’re into greaser movies, this is one to pick up. Gotta get greaser movies that take place in different parts of America. And this one has Brooklyn covered.


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  1. This is a pretty good review and I really love this one.

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