Weapon of Choice

I’ve discussed a whole lot about different kinds of pomades, cocktails, and such. But one thing I haven’t covered, a greasers best friend and weapon of choice…

The comb.

Now, the comb is a very important tool when having a pompadour. Not only do you use it to style it, but you also use it to maintain it when you’re out. And when you don’t have a comb on you, you feel naked, as if you left your wallet at home, or your cell phone.

 There are a shit ton of combs out there. Some good, a whole lot of em are bad. I’ve gone through quite a few different combs. Lost at least $20 worth of combs. And still continue to buy more. Is there something wrong with me? There are also a lot of different things to look out for, when trying to find a comb, that’ll give you the best results when styling.

1) If the teeth are straight. Crooked teeth, will give you uneven streaks when slicking. Usually if there is an uneven tooth at the end of a comb, I won’t mind it too much. But if it’s towards the middle, where the regular teeth meet the fine teeth, it’s a no go.
2) How long the teeth are. They say, size-doesn’t-matter… But when trying to achieve a full pomp, it kind of does. Longer tooth combs are able to grab the hair that’s futher back. Giving you a fuller, richer looking pomp.
3) Color. I only keep a black comb on me, at anytime. BUT, if there is a pink comb that’s the perfect size, I’ll take it! But it’s staying home. Always.
4) Metal or Plastic? I prefer plastic combs, because they’re lighter and just easier to deal with. But I do one one single metal comb. I mainly use that to comb my hair either after I’ve applied a ton of pomade in, or after I shower. Since the teeth are more spread out on the metal comb, as opposed to a plastic one, it won’t drag out much/any pomade you’ve just put in.
5) Length of the comb. 6 inch combs are perfect to keep in your back pocket. Anything longer, you have the chance of them breaking off when you sit down, or getting caught on something and losing it. Anything too short, it’s harder to grab out of your pocket, if it has sunk to the bottom.

Just a few examples of what I look for, when “comb shopping.” You can almost call it, “COMBING THROUGH THE COMBS!” GET IT? GET IT!… Ok nevermind. On with the pics!

Here is my usual arsenal of combs, that I’ve had stocked.

Aside from the different styles of Conair combs, I also have 4 of the exact same Unbreakable comb.

Conair combs, aren’t my comb of choice. They’re extremely plasticy. The teeth are stiff, and if they bend, they pretty much just snap. The over sized comb is my favorite of the Conair combs, and the fine toothed tail comb in 2nd. The plain fine tooth comb, is ok for detailing. Not something I’d keep in my back pocket, same goes for the tail comb. (I don’t keep the oversized comb in my pocket btw, that shit is big.) I also have a Grant’s Golden Brand, branded Unbreakable comb. I haven’t used it, since I kind of like the way it looks new. Kind of a novelty comb, I guess. The grey comb is a salon style comb. I use that mainly for combing my hair after a shower. Get the hairs flowing in the direction I want, before I style it.

As for the Unbreakables…

They’re clearly my favorite. They truly are, unbreakable. I have only managed to snap one in half. Not on accident, but by bending it left and right left and right, until it snapped. The teeth were all jagged anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal. Best part about these combs, theyre 2 for $1.00 at Walgreens. These guys are the shit. I prefer the 6 inch (that’s not what she said,) comb, rather than the 4 inch one I’ve also seen around and bought. The smaller one, the teeth are a lot weaker and just doesn’t feel right in my back pocket.

But on the bus today, I managed to lose my comb, right as I got off. I felt it stick out of my pocket and be left on the seat. I just felt naked, and had to buy a comb, any comb. Stopped by a local Luckys, and picked up a random set of combs, by Goody.

Now, these were just a quick replacement for my lost Unbreakable. (The thing is, I usually leave a spare in my wallet. But I lost my comb, and replaced it with the one from my wallet, and just lost that one today! Didn’t put a spare in my wallet! Ugh.) And these combs, while not as plasticy as Conair, had pretty sharp teeth! I managed to sort of knick my scalp while slicking through. At least it came with a decent selection.

After running a few of these through my hair, I actually managed to find a couple of favorites. But this one stood out.

This is probably, my new favorite comb. The teeth are long, and long enough to grab hairs further back, giving you a fuller pomp. They’re also not overly sharp and run through quite smoothly. Not that I would carry this with me, but this is something I plan to use all the time, when styling my pomp. This comb is awesome. Gotta find a black one now.

That's a lot of combs!

Well there you have it. A whole lot of combs to choose from. Hopefully I’ve helped some people narrow down their searches, for their perfect comb.

(Hopefully someone enjoys the tags in this post. 😉 )

Pomp Hard.


4 responses to “Weapon of Choice

  1. What about Ace combs? I’ve been using them since the 70’s….they’re the best!!!! That’s what my Dad and Grandfather used back in the day!

    Cool blog you have here!


    • Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog.

      The thing about Ace combs (for me at least,) is that they’re a little too expensive for a pocket comb. I know, they’re only a couple of bucks. But an Unbreakable comb that lives up to its name, is 2 for $1, and the plastic isn’t hard (unlike Ace) so I don’t have to worry about bent or broken teeth.

      Of course, it’s all preference. I know quite a few people who swear on Ace, some who prefer Unbreakables, and so on.

      It’s awesome that it’s almost like a passed down tradition in your family, to stick to Ace combs. And that is something I can dig!

      – Jan

  2. Jim Gaudette

    Hey Jan,

    Thanks for replyin’ so fast to my comment.

    I’ve been stocking up on Ace Hard HARD RUBBER combs over the years. After reading your reply to my comment, I was confused why you said they were plastic. Upon further research, I found Ace combs are not made in the USA anymore and are plastic combs made in China…..What the @#$%!!!!
    Is anything made here in the Good Ol’ USA anymore? I guess that’s one more tradition I can’t pass down anymore! Do you know of any US made hard rubber combs?

    Great job you are doing here!!!

    BTW, here’s a blog Grant’s pomade did on me a while back.


  3. I also used Ace combs since 1980 but the last good Ace comb (hard rubber but soft on the scalp) I bought was at a barber shop in 2000. I was lucky. Now that great comb is discontinued (1994) since they started making them in China. I can’ find that comb anywhere. Please recommend the best hard rubber comb that is soft on the scalp. Greg. grgeliz@yahoo.com

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