Clean and Simple Pomp.

Clean and Simple

From Something Hell’s.


3 responses to “Clean and Simple Pomp.

  1. This is my barber. On the weekdays, you need to show up at least an hour before he opens to be first in line. On weekends, earlier. Normal queue on a Satrurday at 9:30am is 7 guys waiting. He doesn’t open till 11.

    Gives a great haircut, but is a bit slow. I’m in the chair for at least 45 minutes, but a lot of that is shooting the shit.

  2. Thanks for commenting, I’ve been wanting to hear how this place is, from someone who has first hand experience.

    I have nothing but respect for Mr. Ducktail, and his shop. Everything looks to be on point. He knows his trade, and I definitely want to get cut by him someday. Too bad it would end up being a couple thousand dollar haircut!

    Are you the same Adam, he pictured on his Myspace? If so, I actually had planned on posting your pic up this week. If you don’t mind. (Not too often you find people who are apart of the picture, found on the internet. So I might as well ask for permission, right?)

  3. Yeah I’m the guy wearing the red cardigan.

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