New pomades for September…

Since I’ve already reviewed my last order from The Grease Shop, I need to try out more pomades!

This month, I plan on trying out some of the “bigger” names, when it comes to pomade.

I plan to try out some Deluxe Pomade. It’s the same pomade the kid used, in the video I linked, where he caked it on. If it’s good enough for you to cake on, we’ll see how good it is when used properly.

Also may try out some Royal Crown POMADE, as opposed to the Hair Dressing I tried out. Some say it’s comparable to Murray’s Super Light. Maybe I should try that out too? We’ll see…

I also have plans to try out some other “cocktails.” I got a few tips from my barber, about how they used to mix and match stuff back in the 60s. So we’ll see how well those “old school” ways, have held up with modern products.

And lastly,  the ever so famous, Layrite Pomade. Time to see what the hype is all about, first hand. Unfortunately, I originally planned to make a trip down to LA a few months back, to try and get a cut at Hawleywoods Barbershop, but that plan fell through. So I’ll have to order a tin. The Grease Shop has a little 1 oz tin of Layrite, for half the price of a 3oz tin. If that makes any sense……. I’ll get the regular sized one, thank you.

Until then… I leave you with a video of Lee Rocker being styled by the one and only, Donnie Hawley, using Layrite Pomade.


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