Using Pomade: Too Much Pomade (Revisted)

Since my last post ended shortly, I’m going to follow up on it now.

As shown in the videos I’ve linked, that’s is a clear example of using TOO MUCH POMADE! For the most part, the pomades we use are petroleum based. But we still need our hair be able to breathe, so when you cake that much pomade on your head, well… You can only imagine!

I highly doubt people use pomade on rainy days, or else it’ll just wash right out into your eyes. So of course, people mainly use it on nice days/sunny days. One thing you need to understand is, that too much pomade, will actually cook your scalp. Think about it, this stuff is like grease. Shit, it is grease! And when you’re under the hot sun, your scalp is taking the full force of the suns rays. Virtually cooking your scalp. So you don’t want to use too much.

I’m not saying that I wear a hat everytime I’m out in the sun. I usually only wear hats during the evening, when I’m too lazy to do my hair. Kind of pointless huh? Oh well. But, I also don’t cake on pomade!

Here is a little photo set, showing the amount of pomade I use, on average. Also how it should look, before applying.

Kind of a bit much...

As captioned, that’s actually a bit much! But my hair was completely “cleansed” of all pomades, so I was re-applying a generous amount for the week to come!
All you really need is that much, at most. I will usually take a little bit extra, just for around the ears and what not. But for the top of your head alone, that is a lot of pomade.

Idle Hands

My hands look creepy as hell…

That’s how my hands look when I “slathered” that pomade across both hands. Evenly coat both hands. Or else you will get clumps of pomade in your hair. Notice how you can still see the thick consistency of the pomade? NOT FOR LONG!

Shiny Idle Hands

After thoroughly coating your palms, you’re gonna wanna rub your palms together. This softens up the pomade. Making coating your hair, a lot easier. Notice how “translucent” the pomade is now. Now it’s “ready” to be put into your hair.
 A lot of people don’t do this step  and complain about X pomade being too difficult or “harsh” to apply. The only “pomade” I had problems doing this with, was High Life (Heavy,) because it was a damn wax. But anything else, Murray’s, Dax, anything thicker, will easily apply doing this. It’s not hard either!

Step 1: Clap hands together.
Step 2: Rub hands together for 10 seconds or less.
Step 3: Fin_

It’s that simple people!

You don’t need to cake anything on your head. If ever, you have to use that much excessive amount of any product, you’re just doing it wrong! Plain and simple. Do you ever cake on lotion on your face, so it looks like your getting a facial? (A or B kind of facial, take your pick.) No, and if you do, WTF.

Check the trackbacks for links for: TOO MUCH POMADE and a little write up about your hair falling out from Murray’s Superior.

Until then,

Pomp Hard.

4 responses to “Using Pomade: Too Much Pomade (Revisted)

  1. How do you rinse any excess pomade from your hands and hair? I just started using Murray’s and I love it (I use a dime-size amount since my hair is pretty short but thick) and I can’t figure out if cold or warm water works better for washing it out. Olive oil rinse + dishwashing liquid shampoo a couple times in warm water seems to work best for me and leaves my hair in great condition.

    • I personally, do my “routine” like such:

      Olive Oil Hair (dry) and let it sit for about 10 mins.
      Any longer for me, it makes my hair wavy as hell, and a pain in the ass to style.
      Rinse out with hot water.
      Coat hair with dish soap. And I’ll either let it sit, or hop in the shower. Then I start to comb out the “gunk.” Since I use a lot of pomade weekly, and have longer/thick hair, I have to re-lather up with dish soap. Maybe once or twice more, just to thoroughly get it all out.
      Then shampoo and conditioner, since I do use an extra amount of dish soap. But for those who don’t, it won’t hurt NOT to use shampoo or conditioner, because the olive oil that’s still left in your hair, will actually condition your hair.

      And as far as hot vs cold, I always do hot. I guess I tend to thick that the heat from the hot water, helps left out the pomades.
      But after the shower, a splash of cold water on the scalp and face doesn’t hurt. 😉

      For getting it out of your hands, after applying some, I usually find baby wipes to be amazingly effective. The alcohol helps cut the stuff off of your palms/between your fingers.
      Or, if you really wanna get degreased… Check out El Duke. Orginally made to degrease bike parts and the such. But this stuff is completely biodegradable, and isn’t harmful to humans or animals. Or the planet for that matter. Plus, if you’re a greaser, you’ll frequently use this stuff, anyways! Killing birds with stones.

      • Do you do this routine everyday?

        How long can you leave in Murray’s superior so it won’t clog your hair pores, I don’t mind leaving in pomade for more than a day but I don’t know if it will clog my hair pores or if you’re even supposed to leave in pomade for more than a day?

        thanks for any help

      • Hey man,

        I grease up my hair all day, everyday. With exceptions, when I go and get a haircut, I wash it out thoroughly for about a week.

        I haven’t had any problems leaving in Murray’s in for a couple of weeks on end, last summer I used A LOT of Murray’s. I think I went through about 2-3 tins?

        My hair hasn’t thinned, nor have I lost any hair *knock-on-wood.*

        But, it could be different for some people. Some people are meant to use certain products, some aren’t.

        If you find Murray’s to be too tough for you, switch to Dax Wave & Groom. It’s very similar, but it’s not as “harsh” as Murray’s. When/if you make the switch, you’ll definitely be able to tell what I’m talking about.

        Hope this helps.

        – Jan

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