One insturment I’ve always been fond of, was the drums.
I’ve always wanted to play them. But after a fight with a music teacher back in 5th grade, I never dedicated myself to picking up an instrument. Drummers are usually “underrated,” IMHO. When you go to shows and what not, the drummer is pretty far back. You can hardly notice them! But they always put on a show. But while living in the Philippines, surrounded by friends who love music, the guitar has started to catch my eye.

But I’ve always had respect for the guitar. Unlike drums, you can bring a guitar with you anywhere. You can play strum and people won’t look at you like you’re a crazed crack head. But if you bring drum sticks around and start thumping on a table or whatever, people look at you with hate. They just can’t appreciate the rhythm!

Anyways, I can listen to this all day long.

Check out his other videos. He also has great style. So check out Cannonball Rag as well.


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