Gluttony: Round two.

Taking a page out of Kiyas book…

We originally had planned to eat breakfast at the Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City, but forgot that it was closed on Sundays. Then we thought we would go get food at Cafe Borrones in Menlo Park, but we were HUNGRY, and the portions there, wasn’t gonna fill us up… So what else was there?


And since Kiya posted the name of the burger, and me realizing that it was one and the same on his Flickr account, I knew I had to try it. Ever since seeing it, I knew it was gonna be the bomb. Beef patty, bacon AND sausage??? If you guys haven’t noticed, I looove meat… SAY WHAAAAT.

Getting their, I realized that it was also the one and the same, that my buddy had eaten a couple months back. Oh well.

The Harley

It was PACKED this past Sunday, and I knew the service was gonna be slower than usual. But damn, did they have to give less fries??? They were the same portion as my friends small order of fries! But in a bigger box. Sad… On top of having a lot less than the day before, they also weren’t fully fried…

Up close and personal.

Since it was too hot out, a nice Anchor Steam was needed.

I can’t get enough from this place… It always manages to hit the spot… Damn I’m hungry now.



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