This post has nothing to do with guitars or anything with cars.

A popular 1950s hairstyle is the Flattop with Fenders. Personally, this is not my thing. (Even though my barber DID offer to give me one! jokingly. I hope.) Charles Martin Smith aka Terry the Toad, would also agree. As he had to have his hair cut into a flattop with fenders, for American Graffiti. But for the lads of the 50s, this was cool.

The hair cut is pretty simple… A little buzz cut on the top, about a cm or so of hair brushed forward. The front of the hair, was slightly longer, so it would sort of “box” in the hair at the top of the head. Maybe an inch in length. The side aka “fenders,” were considerably longer than the rest. About 3 inches in length! You can only imagine how your hair must have looked, if you didn’t or forgot to style it for the day!

The fenders were usually slicked back and the top of the hair, brushed forward.

1955 Blackboard Jungle

Up close and personal. An unnamed student. Sort of looks like Terry the Toad, doesn’t he? Maybe that’s where George Lucas drew inspiration for the character. Still trying to identify the hairstyle, from the kid in the back, behind Glenn Ford.

Terry the Toad getting smooth with Debbie.

I’m pretty sure Charles Martin Smith wouldn’t mind having a flattop with fenders now!

Even though I personally prefer a pompadour, than any other 1950s hair style, the flattop with fenders still gets respect from me. Guys back then really cared about their image. And being up to date with the latest hairstyles, was a must. The flat top with fenders is just one of the many hairstyles of the youth in America in the 1950s.

But, does it have the longevity like the pompadour?

4 responses to “Fenders

  1. You should also show elephant trunks man I got some good pics
    old school ones too Santo and Johnny had elephant trunks

    • Hey Jonathan,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      It’s not my personal preference, but I’ll definitely style it up on a mannequin head, haha. I HAVE done it on myself before, but it doesn’t look right. You rock it well though!

      – Jan

  2. This is a late post to this thread.

    But pompadours are cool and all, but way over done in the greaser world.
    I’m rocking The flop with crazy fenders, everyone has a different name for these…But its where the fenders stick “up” to look literally like the rear fenders of the classic cars.
    ……………………………………………….Think more along the lines of the cat from the stray cats logo. So much easier to up keep, and chicks love my hair like that as well..They prefer it over most guys’ pompadours.

  3. fail, I didn’t mean to say stray cats… -.- but some other logo with a crazy cat…the name is eluding me right now..sorry :/

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