Pomade Review: High Life

One pomade I was really looking forward to trying, was High Life. I’ve seen some online tutorials, with people endorsing this product. So of course I had to give it a try! Some people have said that it’s not as harsh as Murray’s, but I would only know once I got my hands on some.

The packaging is a clean simple silver tin with a very “vintage” feeling logo. The black backround, and “HIGH QUALITY HAIR DRESSING” in a dark gold lettering, along with High Life in old script, really make the packaging of this pomade feel original.

High Life

As soon as I opened the tin, I automatically got a whiff of vanilla. Almost like candle wax. As I tried to get my fingers into the goods, I felt like I stuck my hand in a candle. This stuff is STIFF. That’s what she said.
The consistency of this stuff, is just like what you’d expect when you smell it… WAX… This stuff is a wax.

High Life

Look at that… It looks like softened candle wax! This stuff wasn’t easy to work into my palms. This stuff just sticks in clumps, and wouldn’t spread evenly across my hands. Putting it in, felt clumpy. Parts of my hair had more pomade than the other ends. You’re gonna have to let this stuff sit in some hot water to melt it down, and then you’d be able to thoroughly apply.

While scooping out additional “pomade” so I can coat my head evenly, I started to get cautious about using too much. The tin of this stuff is A LOT smaller than every other pomade I’ve bought. It doesn’t even say the amount on it! This thing fits inside a tin of Murray’s.

Less is More?

Not in this case. Shit. If I’m gonna pay $8 for a pomade, that is also the same price as its competitors, I want the same amount!

Slicking this stuff wasn’t too bad. Pretty stiff. But it definitely is not maluable like Murray’s or Sweet Georgia Brown.

It took me a while to get a decent pomp goin on. Because it is a wax, once you mold one part, it’ll stay that way. So reworking my hair in different pomps was kinda tough. But I managed to get it. Kind of…

Under the lid it says “Get Greasy!” This wax isn’t greasy in any way. There is no sheen, whatsoever. Can’t get greasy with this!!!


I look like Quasimodo in that pic!


 This stuff is a magnet for lint! It’ll grab every single particle floating around.


This stuff is pretty solid. I do love the hold it gives, but this stuff is really for people with short hair. Longer hair, you’d need to use a little more than you’d want to, to really get a good pomp. And for the amount you get for the price… Unless you have the means, it is a pretty big price you pay, considering the amount of pomade you get. The lack of sheen, I guess, is tolerable. I could always do a little top coat of the water based Sweet Georgia Brown or Royal Crown.

I could probably figure out a mix to use this stuff… Less than half amount I regularly use of Murray’s, with a matching amount of this stuff. Maybe a quarter of the half of this stuff, of Royal Crown… Probably get a decent hold, with a lot of sheen.

Would I buy this stuff again? Probably. Maybe try out the Voodoo Brew. But at $8 a can, that has less amount than a $3 Murray’s… This isn’t exactly a bang for your buck pomade. If you wanna get a serious pomp for a night out, this stuff isn’t bad at all. Especially if you like the vanilla smell.

Bitches love vanilla.

21 responses to “Pomade Review: High Life

  1. Pramadingdong

    If you haven’t already, you should try the Voodoo Brew 2.
    It’s slightly less waxy, a tiny bit more greasy, and has a stronger vanilla scent than the original Voodoo Brew.

  2. Pramadingdong

    It’s still very waxy, though.. and a real bitch to wash out, too.
    And it’s bright neon green in colour, so it doesn’t mask the flaking either, but since you’d consider buying the hard High Life pomade (wax), you could as well try out the VB2, as it was a lot more.. user-friendly, I suppose, than the original VB.

  3. dude u got to get some cock grease thats all i wear and it rules my life hahahah the XXtra hold is better then high life by far, (idk high life sucks now its not as good as it used to be) aaaannnnnnnyyyyywwwwaaaayyyyysssss lol “back to the cock” the Xtra hold is really swell i can sence ur taste and i can already tell u”ll like that one and the NO X is real nice and great scent u”ll and its kinda like idk u cant even explain because how nice it is

    • Tito,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been planning to get some Cock Grease, but Rea and I are just waiting till we run into one another. But A LOT of people have been asking me to review it, so maybe I should get some sooner than later!

      – Jan

  4. I love the Voodoo Brew original! The scent is amazing and the hold is nice, but is not too heavy at all, much easier than Murrays or Dax. I have had this can for about 3 months and it is still not gone, so it goes a long way and i use it as a base coat and use Layrite on top. This way you don’t have to use too much of either pomade, the Layrite doesn’t get completely hard, and the smells work together amazingly!

  5. Personally I like the stuff, but wanted to know how often I should thoroughly wash the pomade out of my hair

  6. i’m one of the few people who not only dislikes but hates voodoo brew. the lack of shine makes you look like you’re wearing a rubber elvis headpiece for halloween but the flaking is definitely the most annoying part. i’ve had pomades that flaked on me before but not as bad as this stuff. oh and any clumps or flakes you get will be purple. not cool. i feel sorry for anyone who gets caught in a rain shower with this stuff in their hair.

    i also don’t understand why everyone likes the scent because i really can’t stand it. i guess they were going for that sweet, masculine scent which most other products can pull off but this stuff ends up smelling way too much like cotton candy. disappointing.

    but yeah i’m glad i found this blog since this is the only place i know where i can find some in-depth reviews of pomades i’ve already used and newer brands that i’ve never tried before. keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Marzio!

      I know exactly what you mean. But hey, some people dig it, some people don’t. Oh well, that’s why there’s a shit ton of grease out there, so everyone can find what they dig, and avoid what they don’t!

      – Jan

  7. is so difficult to wash as murray’s?

  8. is a good wax for daily use? or better a water soluble?

    • It’s all preference. Some people prefer to stay away from the wax, some people prefer to stay away from water-soluble stuff. It just depends on what you like and how you can manage it on a day to say basis. I’ve gone MONTHS using just Murray’s Superior, and my hair is fine.

      – Jan

  9. Ive been trying a few different products around and I found this blog. THank you for the great reviews!!!!! I actually love HIgh Life after reading your description. It has worked really well for me. What other waxes have you found that are comparable and maybe a little cheaper?

    • Hey Maxwell,

      I haven’t found any other wax that’s comparable to High Life. I’m glad you dig it and it works for you. That’s the point of my blog, even if a product doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for someone else!

      If it works for you and you dig it, I’d say stick with it.

      – Jan

  10. I love this stuff! And now I find out the company does not exist anymore! what in the hell? Does other pomade/wax come close? I need a replacement.

    • Hey Mark,

      I haven’t found any other pomade to have anything as stiff as this stuff. I’ve heard Cock Grease XX is a close second, but I’ve yet to try it.

      – Jan

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