A busy weekend, without much to do…

Lack of posting this weekend, since I’ve been out for most of the days.

One thing that caught my attention was this… When you go out for the day, without any real plans, the day goes by slower when you pay attention to the hour, every hour. But when I’m out of the house by 11, and I don’t get back until 9 or 10, and I think to myself… What did I really do, that consumed 10-11 hours of my day? I’ve seen a lot of things, but never had any real intention of doing so… Unlike people who are so bored with their lives, they have to go out to find fun… Just HAVE fun… Make sense?


Even though I did a bunch of random stuff, seen random people, I don’t have any pictures to show for it! Except for this little set.

Went out to Palo Alto, and saw one of these beauties in a back street parking lot. Needless to say, this car is badass…

I’m not a car pro, or anything like that… Hell, I don’t even have a car of my own! Never have! (yet)

But I’m guessing is a 68′ Camaro RS? Not sure of the year…

One thing that really caught my attention to this car, was how CLEAAAAAN the grill was. I mean, LOOK AT THAT! Usually dust and dirt clings to plastic like that… But this thing was spotlesss.

The white detail in the seating, really made that black leather POP.


The detailing and spotless-ness of this car, made me really wish I had a fuckin car! Someone have a ’65-’66 Mustang they don’t want!?


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