I think I found my jam, when it comes to pomade/pomade combos!!!

This morning, I realized that I really do need the HOLD that Murray’s Superior offers… And the smell and sheen of that wonderful Sweet Georgia Brown… So what did I do?

Did a very light coat of Murray’s. Because, hey… For Murray’s, a little really does go a long way!
Then did a decent sized coating of SGB… And then the stars aligned…

Off the bat, slicking it back, I knew something was working right. And as soon as I started to comb up a pomp, everything was perfect. It had the smell and sheen of SGB, and the hold of Murray’s, and all was good again. After a few days of bad hair, I finally had a good one!

Oh baby, take a look at that sheen!

Off the bat, just from this picture compared to my last review, you can notice a difference. Can you?
If you can’t…

(I didn’t comb my “chops” don’t look!)
1) My sides are actually held down.
2) There is shape and hold in the pomp.
3) That bug bite next to my hair line looks worse. WTF.

I did my hair a little differently, than how it was when I went out.

Lovin' that sheen!

No pictures of the ducktail at the moment. But man… Does it actually look a lot better!
With just Murray’s, the back of my hair tends to go stick straight. So as I’m slicking my hair back and down, it actually sticks outward. But with the Sweet Georgia Brown, it actually makes the hair more maluable, making the hair at the crown blending in a lot better with the back.

All in all, I’m VERY impressed and extremely satisfied with this small mix.

Next week, I will be trying out DAX. Supposedly this stuff is similar to Murray’s, but not as harsh. So maybe a Dax/SGB mix will be my one and only!

I really need to use an actual camera… I don’t think the iPhone is doing my hair justice!


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