Some new music to bop to…

Off the bat, this vid. looks corny as fuck. Well, what do you expect from a young Swedish band, making a low budget music video?

Styling for this video could’ve been A LOT better. Give the dudes some 501s and the girls longer skirts… What? LONGER SKIRTS???
Sadly, yes… If you’re gonna try and make a “retro” video, at least try and get it to be as close to as possible, to the era.
Just because you have polkadots, doesn’t mean you have a rockbilly vibe!

But this is all besides the point…

Bad styling aside, this is a really great band. They have an authentic sound/vibe, the singer straight up sounds like a younger Elvis, this is some good music. If I do say so myself.

Give them a chance. TT Grace.

And do the bop.


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