Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown (revisited)

Hoping to give the water based version another try, I applied some last night, before I went out to get food. I thoroughly washed my hair during the day, prior to.


Sigh, what a disappointment…

Gonna have to be used as a top coat. For the sheen and smell… Oh well.
Onto the next one…

This morning, I wanted to give the blue can another try. Took a shower to wash out the left over water based SGB. Didn’t wash out all that well, I have to say. I did a light shampoo, and as it does wash out a lot better than Murray’s, it doesn’t wash out easily like Grant’s.

After putting in a decently generous amount of the blue can Sweet Georgia Brown, working it in and smelling it’s rich scent… I was left without a pomp… This stuff just won’t hold my hair. Maybe it’s my hair? I don’t know. Maybe it is time for a haircut.

Don't mind the bug bites. I killed a few on the mirror, right after this pic!

This is how my hair was, after I came back from a short outing.

This stuff is VERY manageable. You can constantly slick your hair through out the day, and still retain that amazing sheen. But, for my hair on it’s own, it just can’t hold it… (sigh)

I’ll either have to REALLY cake this stuff on their, or maybe use it a day after using Murray’s. This stuff, is amazing though. Not for me I guess (sadly,) but as a pomade on it’s own, it’s amazing. This did slick my hair back pretty well though. But I don’t do my hair that way, so that’s a no go.

In the end, Sweet Georgia Brown is a pomade I would plan to re-buy in the future. The color of the pomade, the smell, and the sheen is amazing. It’s definitely a pomade you want to have on deck.

Do a nice little gentleman part, for a night out, and you are definitely set. You won’t even need cologne, because you can smell this stuff a mile away… And that’s a good thing!


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