Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown

After getting my crack rocks yesterday, I was dying to start trying them out. But, I held out until this morning to give them a try.

This week, I thought I was gonna try out Sweet Georgia Brown (water based) out first.
As soon as I opened it up to take a whiff, I acidentally poked my nose against the pomade.
Got a dab on my finger, and felt that it almost had the exact same consistency as Royal Crown. The little dab on my finger felt a bit thicker than Royal Crown. But as soon as I started to work it into my palms, I knew I was up for disappointment… It was just like Royal Crown…

Sweet Georgia Brown (water based)

Looks just like Royal Crown… sigh)

( Not a great pomade on its own, unless you do a gentlemen styled part.
It didn’t have any hold, to hold my hair up. Even as a low profiled pomp. What a disappointment. I’ve been looking forward to trying out Sweet Georgia Brown, and this is the first impression.

Since I knew I would only be using the purple can as a top coat for sheen, and nothing else… (sigh) I decided to try out the blue can. The stronger stuff…
As soon as you open up the tin, you automatically get drawn to it’s rich golden color. Not the dull color of Murray’s, but much much brighter and richer. Pretty neat.
I tried out just a little bit of it, because I still had the purple can in my hair. And it is a noticeable difference. For the better. It’s thicker (that’s what she said… not about me though…) and definitely has a better hold, than it’s water based cousin. I knew that this was gonna be my jam, from the Sweet Georgia Brown family.

Sweet Georgia Brown

My iPhone wasn’t able to capture the colors. Such a drag, this stuff is pretty amazing looking.

This stuff also has the best smell of the pomades I bought. As soon as I started to work it in, you can smell the sweet scent of grapes. Which is pretty awesome. Since you don’t wash this stuff out everyday, you gotta smell good everyday, right?

Unfortunately, since I still had the water based pomade in my hair (didn’t want to wash it out, since I was supposed to be out the door a few minutes after,) I put the blue can in. And by doing so, I didn’t get to enjoy a full experience of the Sweet Georgia Brown. My hair was very light, not that much hold and wasn’t able to pomp today.

I’ll try and work in some more of this stuff later today and take a picture.


9 responses to “Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown

  1. This is strange, I just got a can of the blue sweet georgia brown, and when I work it in my hair I don’t smell grapes.

    • Vergil,

      After taking another whiff, it seems that you are correct! I must’ve gotten it confused with the purple tin.

      What did you smell?

      I sort of smell (sort of) a fruity candle wax-ish smell. I don’t have the best sense of smell out there and my lady has a stuffy nose. Let me know what you think it smells like!

      – Jan

      • Nice to know I’m not going crazy. The smell is a really hard one to identify, but I think it has a light fruity vanilla scent to it.

  2. whats up jan. just got a SGB blue tin today. Lookin forward to tryin it out. Looks quite good. ( Also bought a small tin of Black and White pomade)
    About the SGB, it does have a warm, rich scent, not very strong. As i told you, i was thinking of getting the red tin, but instead i got the blue one. If I do get the chance I will try to share some photos. heres one with some Royal Crown on. http://img98.imageshack.us/i/teddyboyw.jpg/

    • Hey John,

      Glad you picked up some great pomade! Both Black & White and Sweet Georgia Brown (blue tin) are great pomades to have. It mainly depends on your hair type, when picking between the red and blue tin, for Sweet Georgia Brown. The red tin is lighter and greasier than the blue one, so if you need something with hold, you picked the right one.

      Hair is lookin’ slick. It falls perfectly on your forehead. I forgot if I asked this, but is that you in your avatar? I’m assuming so, because why have anyone else there, right? But, if so… Talk about cleaning up!

      – Jan

  3. Yes its me on the avatar when i had long hair. I felt kinda 60s for a while there. Ah ah. I will change it to a more recent look soon.
    Have a good one, Jan.

    • John,

      That’s awesome. About 6 months before starting this blog, I had dreadlocks. So it’s awesome to see other cats go from long hair to such a clean look. Except I retained my facial hair, or else I’d look like a blobby mess without it…

      – Jan

  4. Hello again Jan. I just tried Sweet Georgia Brown ‘Blue’, yesterday, and i want to share how it went down. Well, very good i must say. Full on pomp, quite strong looking and with a bit of volume. It can sport a pomp almost from side to side, not being thick, or stiff, but being a little pasty, and almost sandy. It’s something else. I am quite satisfied with it. It’s a little difficult to wash out, but 1 or two washes and its ok. Well , that said, I hope you enjoy your SGB blue as well. Cheerio

  5. Only the red can is listed on their website. I wonder if the blue has been discontinued.

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