Not really… But getting new pomade for me, is like a crackhead finding a crack rock in a McDonalds bag…

Put an order for some pomade at The Grease Shop on Thursday, paid for Priority Shipping, got it on Monday! Pretty badass, considering people on eBay and such who claim they ship “priority,” don’t make shipping paid for goods their priority! But that’s a different story. MOVIN ON!

Good thing I washed out all the Murray’s I put in all weekend and this morning out, earlier today! But to give each pomade a fair chance, I will re-wash my hair again tonight.

A whole lot of pomade!

Doubled up on the Dax because 1) It’s cheap. 2) I wanted to make price an even $40.xx.
This is what $40.xx gets you from The Grease Shop. Not too bad, if I do say so myself…

From top to bottom:

– High Life (Heavy)
– Doubled up on Dax
– Sweet Georgia Brown (Their stronger stuff)
– Water Based Sweet Georgia Brown.

Boy am I stoked to try these out… They also shipped with a dinky little comb! Doubt I’d use that on my head. Prolly my sideburns/facial hair.

Seeing how I used some Grant’s on the way to our little picnic earlier… I think I’m going to start off the week long pomade reviews, by using the water based Sweet Georgia Brown.

I’ll kick off with that review tomorrow, so check back!


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