Re-Cap: Cafe Du Nord

Not much of a re-cap. Sorry. My pictures didn’t come out too well.


The night started off with Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits. First time seeing and hearing them, and I gotta say… They are awesome. Whether it was their energy or the funny and blunt lyrics, they put on an awesome show. Great band with great vibes.

Next up was The Struts. Completely honest, there is only so much “wailing” I could take from Farrah Ancell. And I quote ‘wailing,’ because most female singers who wail, you can understand them. Sorry, I know Etta James is an idol/influence, but there wasn’t much singing going on, as there was screaming. Maybe if it were at a bigger venue?

Lastly, everyone got up towards the stage to watch The Phenomenauts play. They were better live than what I’ve seen on youtube. I was impressed. Definitely had the energy. I didn’t sense the rockabilly vibe in their songs though. More so cyber punk. And it only makes sense, as half of the audience were punk, a handful of rockabilly, and a whole lot of Phenomenaut fans!

Either way, they put on a great show. Didn’t stay too long, because we had to be up too early the next day.

There was only one other guy with a pomp there… Just sayin.


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