Automatically, when you see someones shoes with the white toe cap, you think that they’re wearing Chuck Taylors. Well I guess it’s a given, seeing that they were once owned by Converse in the 70’s… But there are noticeable differences between Chuck Taylor Highs and the Center Hi.

Don’t forget about PF Flyers!

My lovely lady placed an order for these, for me. Since my Chucks weren’t coming back from the dead. As awesome as beat up Converse are, there is a limit. And mine were beyond that point…

When people around my age (20s) hear “PF Flyers,” they have no clue what I’m talking about. But once I describe a certain scene in The Sandlot, where Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez  pulls out a box of brand new shoes… Everyone “Oooooh” ‘s.
Fresh pair of Center Hi’s… But you gotta put them to work!

The Sandlot

Benny "The Jet" lacing up those all black Center Hi's.

Pretty iconic scene.

When I opened the package, I saw that they changed the box. Bummer. I remember when they came in the same box that Benny had!

But, once I had them in my hand, I knew that they were gonna be my jam.

My new Center Hi's!

I don’t even think I realized they were leather, when she placed the order. But HELL YEAH! Been wanting an all leather pair of Chucks, so why not!

I forgot what it feels like to wear a new pair of shoes… But boy, does it feel good.

Had to wear them.

Out the door they go, along with my new 501s, that I broke out earlier during the day.

And away we go to drink some Duvel and a Stella.


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