Pomade Review: Grants Golden Brand (revisited)

Just made a big pomade order. So I’m throwing up another review on a different pomade I’ve tried out. And I’ll have a few other reviews as soon as they come in!

[editors note: What I’ve planned to do is use a single different brand of pomade, for about a week or two and give a thorough review.]

Pretty much a copy and paste from my other blog( a new few edits), since I reviewed this pomade sometime last month, when I recieved it.

Grants Golden Brand Pomade! “Style Is Everything!”

I found this pomade online by chance. I was looking around a couple of blogs, and noticed one of their links had “pomade” in the title. I don’t even remember what blog I was looking at! After googling the brand more online, I couldn’t find any reviews or hearsay about the brand. So why not be one of the first reviews? If not, the first?

First Impression:

– Nice packaging. Came in a nice 4.5 oz silver tin, with their logo on the lid. And of course, “Made in U.S.A.”
– Came with a nice looking comb, 2 golden buttons, and 2 stickers. (This is one of their package deals.)

The pomade itself:

– It’s a transparent gold, somewhat like a watered down honey. I guess that’s what it looks like…
– It smells like almonds, which I am allergic to. (I’m still kickin!)

45 minutes after blacking out from the scent, I woke up on a stretcher on my way to the hospital.

Just kidding.

The night before, I washed out as much Murrays as I could, and finished to wash the rest out this morning.

Put this shit to the test.

Already from just looking at it, I knew it had gel like consistency, but wasn’t sure on the hold and how it would dry.
My hair being a bit longer than I’d like (haven’t gotten that cut yet,) I had to put a little more product than I’d like. Since I just got it.
Thoroughly coated my hair, and went to town. I’m not sure if it was the slight remenince of olive oil in my hair that did it, or it was the pomade not being as maluable as Murrays Pomade, but my hair didn’t shape as I thought it would.
Usually, Murrays would make my hair a little straighter and I would be able to work and shape it better. With Grants, it just coated my hair like a gel, and held it the way it was. Kind of bugged me, since I don’t like the state of my hair at the moment, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

After it had dried, it was hard. Not so much like gel, but definitely not soft and greasy like Murrays. You can’t exactly “slick” with this stuff after it dries. However, you can run your comb through it , and not have any flakes, like gel would.

Pre-Wet Combing. Just came home, and it was windy outside. Hair managed to maintain it’s shape for the most part!

After being out for an hour, got home and did a quick wet comb, to see if I can work with this stuff, that way.
Since it’s water soluble, it felt like I had washed most of it out with my first stroke. It’s still in there, so that’s a good sign!

So far, this is what I’ve came up with…

– Has a nice smell to it, even though I am allergic to almonds. My lady thinks it smells nice.
– Gives a nice sheen to the hair.
– Doesn’t wash out when wet combing, but is water soluable.

– It semi hardens. Softer and slightly malleable unlike gel, but harder than I’d like it. No homo All Homo.
– You need to wet comb, to get it the way you like it.
– The comb it came with, feels flimsy compared to the Unbreakables I always use. It’ll probably be used as a styling comb.

I’m still giving them the benefit of the doubt, because I might had some traces of Olive Oil left in my hair. So I’m not ruling them out just yet.

Though their pomade isn’t the cheapest ($31 shipped for the Gents. Travel Pack,) but it is some pretty solid stuff (no pun.) I’ll be using this for the rest of the week. Should be getting a hair cut this coming Friday, and hopefully some Sweet Georgia Brown pomades this week, so I can try them out the following week. (DIDN’T HAPPEN!)

If you want to try them out, just click on one of the links. They have great customer service, great packaging, and I also really like their blog.

Edit* 8/5/2010

After using this stuff weeks later after the original review post… I have to say…

I really do enjoy this pomade. I actually love this stuff a day AFTER I originally put it in. Put a little extra on the top, a good wet combing, and you’re good to go. It gives your hair slightly extra volume with its hold. Which is nice, when doing a side part pomp.
The sheen it has is awesome, since it isn’t greasy as Murray’s is. (Which doesn’t have too much of a sheen on its own.)

I will say, it IS kind of  hard to slick through out the day with this stuff, because it does get considerably harder than other pomades. The Grease Shop’s description says otherwise, but I’m being completely honest. But I do like this stuff, so I’m not trying to bash on it, and say it isn’t a “pomade.” But it does have different properties as most.

It can be found at their own site, Grants Golden Brand or over at The Grease Shop.


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