Badass Pomp… Elvis?

Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson at It's Something Hells Barbershop

No not Elvis, but close enough!

Lee Jackson definitely has one of the best pomps around. He has to… He’s one of the major Elvis impersonators out there. Gotta give it up to him, at least he puts his own flare into his impersonation, rather than just trying to copy Elvis in every way. ESPECIALLY the way he sings… When people try too hard to sound like the original, it just ruins it… It being anything and everything that went into that impersonation.

Here’s Lee performing one of my favorite songs by Elvis. Such A Night.

Even though he ISN’T Elvis, when he performs he still gets the ladies screaming out of their seats, hoping for a kiss on the cheek…

Well, maybe not to the extremities as Elvis has done, but you get the picture…

Click to check his site and maybe catch one of his shows in the UK.


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