Pin up girls and Zombies… Is “like lamb and tuna fish.”

As everyone, greaser, rockabilly, psychobilly, bro-chachos, and assholes alike, like pin up girls… I just cannot get into the whole zombie, vampire, necro pin up girls… How is this supposed to be attractive? Is there a big enough demand in the rockabilly “scene,” that paved way for these types of pin ups to find themselves anywhere and everywhere?

Hardcore Twighlight fans gone rockabilly???

This ain't sexy! I like my women with a pulse.


Two pin ups, check. Asian pin up, check. Deep throating a big ass drill, ch... WHAT?

Big props to all of the make up artists/artistas that do these photo shoots. Because zombie make up is pretty hard to get down. Usually you can see where the fake scars meet the skin. But these folk got that talent, to fulfill the needs of the necro-billys.

But if I need my “zombie fix,” I’ll stick to watching Woody Harrelson do some kung fu in Zombieland.


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