Pork Vida

Cork Life

Tiring weekend. Spent Saturday over in Sebastopol.

One of my favorite things about this place, is that there is no shortages of hot trucks and cars from the 40s to the 60s, small diners and some badass alcohol.

We started the day trying to hunt down a Walgreens to hopefully find some Dax Pomade. I guess I can only get it at the .com. We knew we were back in Sonoma County… As soon as we got to Walgreens, we found some cocks.

Cocks in the lot

Also found a local surplus shop, and my lady bought me a black duffle bag. Funny enough, the owner of the surplus shop happened to be from my part of the Peninsula! Gave us a quick story about how the area was back in the 60s. It was pretty cool to see how my area was back in the 60s. I’m pretty sure it didn’t meet the expectations of what was promised!

What else was there to do in Sonoma County? WINE. Went on a Korbel Champagne tour and later one went and did a little wine tasting.

Korbel Brothers


Ford Tractor.


Ford. Fordson

Imaging being ran over by THAT wheel…

Korbel Champagne

Later on, we checked out one of the newer bars in town. Hopmonk. They got some pretty badass stuff on the menu. Whether it was the beer or the food, this place is pretty good. Could not get a bottled beer. HAD to get something local. Got some White Russian River beer, that had an 8.something% alcohol level. STUFF WAS LEGIT… Wish I had a picture of it. But after 3 of em, I wouldn’t have been able to remember.

My lady got some cake…

And I mean CAKE…

Death By Chocolate

That’s the actual name of the cake.

By the end of the day, I was ready to head home and SLEEEEEEEEP…

Had to cover a shift the next day. After a long day before, and a semingly even longer day at work… Only one thing was in order…


Carnitas Tacos. Pork Vida.

And today…

Hot Hog. Pork Vida.

Pretty obvious what kind of meat I like…

Time to go jogging.

Pork Vida…


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